The Benefits of Microsoft Azure for Nonprofits

3 March, 2023

Let Azure help your employees focus their attention on your mission statement. You can contact us at Xtreme Productivity for more helpful nonprofit money-saving tips.

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Microsoft Azure is a public cloud platform that offers a variety of useful services. Azure technology provides valuable hosting, stack structure, and database solutions to its users.

The platform also offers many discounts and perks to nonprofit organisations. Have you considered using Azure for your nonprofit but aren't sure if it's worth the time?

The following guide will explore all the benefits of Microsoft Azure for nonprofits. Read on to discover if Azure is a good fit for your organisation and budget.

Improved Automation

Automating simple processes helps nonprofits maximise both their time and money. It allows employees to focus on important work instead of doing repetitive tasks.

Azure lets users develop and manage automation processes to help facilitate their business. For example, you can create and send automatic email responses. The email responses send based on unique triggers.

Users can create communication pathways so that all employees stay on the same page. Azure also lets users save time by automating data backups.

Customised Cloud Solutions

Some cloud solutions take a long time for new employees to learn. Many businesses also use multiple solutions to meet all their needs.

Azure lets users simplify multiple processes all with a single custom solution. It has an interface that is easy to use and it allows you to build specific web applications for your needs.

The platform also offers full scalability for nonprofits. So, you don't have to worry about outgrowing the custom solutions you develop.

Customised Cloud Solutions

Easier Compliance

Nonprofits often prioritise maintaining compliance in addition to saving money. It's crucial because it keeps businesses from losing their nonprofit status.

Azure simplifies compliance maintenance via automation and organisation. It lets users automate several important processes so they don't have to remember to do them.

The platform also helps users manage important information in case of an audit. This makes the auditing process much less stressful for nonprofits.

Saving Money

Most nonprofits don't have enough money for expensive software or advanced employee training. Fortunately, Azure allows nonprofits to have both without breaking the bank.

For instance, Azure helps nonprofits manage their finances to limit expenses. The platform also lets its users pay as they go to reduce up-front costs.

Because of Microsoft’s large size, can enjoy the benefits of volume discounts as well. Limiting financial strain in this way helps nonprofits and other small businesses grow.

Improved Security

Nonprofits tend to work with donations and a lot of sensitive beneficiary information. Azure simplifies security so that employees can focus on other tasks.

Microsoft offers multi-layered security and smart protection against threats. Their off-site servers keep nonprofits' data safe and secure.

Improved Security

Ready to Try Microsoft Azure?

Now you know the many benefits of Microsoft Azure for nonprofits. It offers great automation, compliance maintenance, security, and cloud solutions for any budget.

Let Azure help your employees focus their attention on your mission statement. You can contact us at Xtreme Productivity for more helpful nonprofit money-saving tips.

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