We can tailor a solution that integrates with your existing systems and/or third party systems or design something brand new and innovative to achieve your technology aspirations.

OUR Digital Solutions expertise

We provide our valued clients with solutions that span multiple technology disciplines, practices and capabilities. Through our relationships with philanthropic partners, we are able to access grants, discounted pricing and donations to maximise your technology investment for the advancement of your cause.

Mobile App Development

We specialise in iOS & Android App Development using Xamarin, Visual Studio & .NET technologies.

A single codebase built on Microsoft technology increases the speed of delivery across multiple platforms while reducing the maintenance required for a presence in multiple app stores.

Web Solutions Implementations

DNN, Kentico & Umbraco are the Microsoft friendly Content Management Systems (CMS) we recommend when developing online solutions.

These free CMSs have the ability to extend their capabilities using Visual Studio which, in turn, enables us to craft creative solutions that are simple to maintain thereby channelling valuable funds towards functionality rather than ongoing licensing costs.

Systems Integration

Using REST API's, Azure App Services & Functions we integrate your solutions with payment gateways, learning platforms, finance systems and even Office 365.

The ability to communicate in real-time between systems reduces the need for human intervention, increases data integrity and enhances process efficiency.

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