Business partner for cause driven organisations

XP specialises in digital transformation for Charities, Not-for-Profits and Education Providers that are serious about making an impact.

Our Services & Expertise

Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of the impact industry. We understand the demands and challenges faced by cause driven organisations and as such, we use our expertise and relationships to maximise the available resources for change.

Technology Partner

Streamline your operations with the use of digital solutions.

Take advantage of our technology expertise to maximise the technical aspects of your ideas.

We treat each project as if it were our own, assigning a multi-skilled team to ensure diverse thinking coupled with the right capability to ensure success.

Accessing grants, discount pricing and fellow impact partners enable us to stretch your resources to go the extra mile.

Finance Partner

Simplify complex financial systems and practises through the use of technology and industry knowledge.

Capitalise on the knowledge of our experienced accountants and bookkeepers who provide professional advice, create innovative solutions, and develop simple processes that enhance the financial operations of your organisation.

We ensure easily accessible and accurate information to enable sound business decision making supported by our group of responsive advisors.

Making a difference

We believe that we can make the world a better place through our clients. Their success is our success.

(People + Technology)Purpose = Impactn

Our “people people” that go above and beyond for good, happen to be great with technology. This is how we can help your organisation with its mission.

A few of our valued clients

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