XP is your single point of contact for all your End-user and Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Support needs. The cause never sleeps.

Our areas of expertise

We provide a complete suite of professional services spanning all areas of your organisations technology needs.

IT & End User Support

Our personnel are thoroughly trained and have years of expertise with customer service and problem resolution. They are capable of resolving any issue with your hardware, software, or operating systems, utilizing industry-leading tools and methods to ensure that your systems operate at optimal performance.

User Equipment & Software

Sometimes, getting away around user equipment and software can be a hassle. Our experts come to the rescue in this situation. We can help you run your upgrades; carry out maintenance and provide adequate recommendations for employees’ utmost performance.

Hardware & Software Procurement

We know that IT procurement is more than just finding the cheapest option. You need a provider who can balance cost and quality. We can help! World-renowned ICT brands have recognized our collaboration with top hardware and software makers. We'll assist you find, buy, or supply whatever IT or communications needs you have.

Local Servers, Networks & Infrastructure

Network and server maintenance shouldn't be a burdensome chore. Whether you're looking to extend your network or upgrade your current one, our network professionals can help you every step of the way.

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